Fibre Optics plays a substantial role in providing clients with high-performance data networking and high quality communications. Fibre comes with a number of advantages that makes it significant in everyday working tasks, as opposed to traditional copper or metallic cabling.

It is therefore essential to be supported by a dedicated specialist partner, NextGen Communications has over 30 years knowledge, skills and expertise in aspects of the Design, Installation, Testing and fault finding of Fibre Optics.

NextGen Communications has a team of specialist Fibre Optic engineers which enables us to offer specialist services; including fibre optic duct and cable installation, Blown Fibre installation, Fusion Splicing, Direct Termination, Testing and Commissioning of Fibre Optics in the UK and overseas.

NextGen have recently deployed a back bone system for a hospital in the Midlands. The system consisted of a new fibre ring that monitors the hospitals power systems an we were asked by our client to provide a single mode network that would be able to handle the bandwidth of the system they had in mind. The job entailed a new containment route for part of the installation as well as the installation of the fibre optic cabling.

The client was happy with the quality of workmanship, despite the beginning of the project throwing some big variances at both parties involved. NextGen were able to overcome a few issues by having a quality team on site with a wide knowllege of site such as these and were able to give advice and sugestions when required.

Installations by accredited installers